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Dave Cheli


Dave Cheli has been involved in music since he picked up his first saxophone in the 3rd grade. He obtained a Bachelors degree in Music from Webster University and spent several years as a professional jazz musician in St. Louis and Chicago. He lives in St. Charles MO with his wife Louise, a librarian; they have 3 children, two of whom are professional musicians. Dominic Cheli is a concert pianist living in Los Angeles and Kevin Cheli is a professional jazz percussionist and composer, living in Ithaca New York.

Dave Cheli: Roundtable Discussion "Parents' Roles in Children's Musical Development"

Parents must pay for and transport their child to lessons, provide instruments and instructional materials, and be supportive.  But what does that mean, practically speaking and day to day? Understanding that every household has its own dynamic, every child their own learning style, and every parent their own parenting style, what should a parent do and not do to help their child thrive musically and otherwise? Dave Cheli, father of area piano sensation Dominic Cheli, will lead this discussion, joined by other parents of accomplished musicians, to help us exchange ideas on the relationship between child and parent as home teacher/facilitator, the difference between nurturing and nagging, and how to help your child find best success practices.