Katelyn Horn


Katelyn Horn


Pianist, pedagogue and theoretician, Katelyn Horn is an accomplished pianist and chamber musician. Growing up in St. Louis, Katelyn performed the Beethoven Piano Concerto No 3. with the Saint Charles County Youth Orchestra and the Mendelssohn Piano Concerto No. 2 with the Webster Symphony as a teenager. Katelyn earned a Bachelor's degree in Piano Performance, doing her first year of study at Webster University then transferring to The University of Texas at Austin. Fascinated by the way music theory aided her own learning process and curious about how music can create such strong and varied emotional reactions in people, Katelyn pursued graduate degrees in music theory with an emphasis in music cognition. She earned a Masters in Music Theory at UT Austin, then a Master's of Systematic Musicology and Music Cognition at The Ohio State University. Katelyn worked closely with the founder of Picardy Learning, an online music education program, to develop their music theory curriculum and content. Katelyn currently spends most of her time as caregiver for her three young children. 

Presentation:  The Role of Perception and Music Theory Concepts in Learning Piano

Drawing on her experiences as a pianist, vocalist, theorist, teacher, and researcher, Katelyn will give a brief overview of the difference between the physical realities of musical sounds and the cognitive processing our brains must do to make sense of music. She will then discuss the implications for learning and memorizing music and the way music theory can aide the learning process.