may 3, 2019

Matt Pickart

Clazz International Music Festival and the Practice of Inclusive Pedagogy

April 14, 2019

Showcase Concert -Jocelyn Rugaber, Coordinator

april 5, 2019 10AM-12PM

Dr. Peter Miyamoto

Great Pianists as Composers – Piano works by: Artur Schnbal, Dinu Lipatti and Glen Gould

mar 9, 2019 2pM-5PM

Chamber Music Play

Helen Chiu & Grace C. Yin – Coordinators.

march 8, 2019 10AM-12PM

Drs. Jennifer Judd and Annette Burkhart

Schubert’s Four Hand Repertoire – A Window into the Romantic Imagination.

Feb 8, 2019

Dr. Peter Henderson

Fingering Principles and Variants
With applications from selected piano literature.