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Laureen Di Bisceglie: Summary for the PTRT Roundtable Discussion

Instilling good practice techniques to secure a good outcome

Instilling good practice techniques in students is an on-going process. In our discussion we will review ways to secure a good outcome, one that will help students feel motivated and successful. The second half of our discussion will center around memory and how good practice techniques can aid memorization. There is an old adage in sport that says: “Practice like you play and you will play like you practice.” Never more true is this than in piano practice and performance. One of the most important roles of a piano teacher is to help students understand not just what, but how to practice. In fact, it could be argued that this is almost the most important thing that we can teach our students.

it is good to have an end to journey toward: but it is the journey that matters, in the
— Ernest Hemingway

Laureen Di Bisceglie was born and received her education in Johannesburg, South Africa.  She attended the University of the Witwatersrand on scholarship where she received her MMus. (cum laude).  Post-graduate studies included courses through The Royal School of Church Music, UNISA and lessons with private piano teachers of note, including Prof. Jeanne Zaidel, Maisie Flink, Carl Nietsche and more recently with Prof. Carlin at Washington University in St. Louis.   She taught for several years at Kingsmead College (Johannesburg), and headed the Music Department there for two years before moving to the United States with her husband in 1985.

Laureen maintained a private studio whilst living in Washington, D.C. and also taught in the school system there.  She joined MTNA, FMMC and was active in both organizations.  In 1988 she was accepted into the Benjamin T. Rome school of Music to pursue her Doctorate in Musicology.  She moved to St. Louis in 1994 with her husband and two children, where she has a busy and active private studio.  She has been and is still very active in the local music organizations in St. Louis.  Laureen has chaired District VI Auditions for several years, has served on the executive board of MMTA and also SLAMTA (as President) and is past-President of PTRT.  She is also active as a judge at the local competitions and festivals.   Her students regularly enter competitions and festivals, and have done well, continuing on to college and graduate level in their music studies.

Natalie Huggins-Yoga For Musicians

Natalie Huggins is a multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter who has worked with countless musicians from beginning music students with her business, Miss Natalie’s Piano and Vocal Studio, to long practicing musicians through performing in the St. Louis area.

As a vocalist, pianist, keyboardist, guitarist, and songwriter she has played with bands such as Summer Magic, Joan of Dark, Wax Wine, The Bureau, Letter to Memphis, Suzy Cue, and Kid Scientist at Off Broadway, Foam, The Pageant, The Firebird, Ready Room, and Blueberry Hill’s Duck Room.

She also worked as booking coordinator for The Pageant nightclub and Blueberry Hill’s Duck Room from 2012-2014.

Natalie is an experienced piano and vocal instructor with her own business Miss Natalie’s Piano and Vocal studio and holds Bachelor of Arts in Music degree from Webster University. She is a member of associations such as Piano Teachers Round Table, National Music Federation Clubs, and the National Association of Teachers of Singing.

In 2016 she completed a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training through Urban Breath and registered with Yoga Alliance. She focused on a project development plan for Yoga for Musicians through this training and following her training founded Huggins Yoga.