Michael Silverman


michael silverman

How to Teach Jazz, Improv and Composition, plus the Digital Music Business

Michael Silverman will discuss his approach to teaching improvisation, transforming one piece of music into another, introducing composition to students and more. He will also discuss how his piano teach My career evolved into a recording career in which he is now the most downloaded pianist in the world.

Bio: Michael Silverman is the most downloaded solo pianist in the world, with over 2 billion downloads and streams. He performs regularly with his classical/jazz ensemble Bach to the Future," and runs the online record label Autumn Hill Records.

Along with his brother Rob Silverman, he is involved in several annual music festivals, including the Chesterfield Wine and Jazz Festival, the U City Jazz Festival and the Herman Wine and Jazz Fest.

He has written music for hundreds of films, television shows and commercials, performed on a TV house band and arranged music for many theme parks and stage productions.

He is the new owner of Clayton Studios, which has just purchased a world class Steinway D 9' grand piano. It is in a humidity and heat controlled recording room in an effort to give the region's pianists a great place to record piano music properly.

He has also founded Jazzworks STL, a career building series, which will feature nationally known musicians working with St. Louis' artists to advise them on advancing their careers through clinics and collaborative performances.

Betty Burns Kibens, a musician, educator, nurturer and role model. She was president of PTRT from 2009 - 2011.  Betty was a wonderful colleague and was very active in our music community. She shared generously her special love for jazz at many workshops and through her seven volumes of "You Do IT, Jazz, Rock, Pop and Blues". We want to thank the Burns –Kibens estate for donating Betty’s vast music library to PTRT.